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Titusville Queen City Trail Extension Feasibility Study 2018


Titusville Queen City Trail Extension Feasibility Study 2018



 Titusville Bicycle Suitability Map and Plan

 Bicycle Suitability Map and Plan




Something NEW and EXCITING


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 We've completed our Trail Town Master Plan and are in the process
of implementing some of the suggested projects!!

Looking forward to enjoying the trail this summer? See you there!

Jim Holden Memorial Ride
Began in Titusville


 Jim Holden Memorial Ride
With Breakfast

Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs
Dave Ditty, Left, of Titusville, Tom Lane, middle, and
Katie Perterson, right will take on the Oil Creek 100
Trail Runs on Saturday September 5th.

Good Luck to All !

Titusville Oil Creek 100 Trail Runners

 Titusville trail users
Long Distant International Trail Riders Visit Titusville
Scott Doyle and Carol Van Maris, of Toronto, Ontario Canada spent
the night at Hillhurst B & B while biking to Tampa Bay, FL. They left
Toronton on Sept. 24th, and plan on arriving in Tampa Bay around
Nov. 5th. per Keith Bromley, owner of Hillhurst B & B,
"They loved  their stay in Titusville." 

Enjoying the ride along the Queen
City Trail in Tituville


For more information on what's happening
with Titusville Trail Town

call Titusville Community Development Agencies at




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